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Data Visualization



Data Visualization Guideline

First Step

First Step

Apply data visualization principles to real data from customers and redesign them.

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2.2 Research_Real Data.jpg
Second Step

Second Step

Illustrate visualization principles that are important to deliver truthful, insightful, and enlightening information for users.

3.1 Data Visualization rules.jpg
3.2 Data Visualization rules.jpg
3.3 Data Visualization rules.jpg
3.4 Data Visualization rules.jpg
3.5 Data Visualization rules.jpg
3.6 Data Visualization rules.jpg
3.7 Data Visualization rules.jpg
Third Step

Third Step

Explore visual details.

4.1 Data Visual Design bw.jpg
4.2 Data Visual Design bw.jpg
4.3 Data Visual Design bw.jpg
4.4 Data Visual Design bw.jpg
5.1 Style Study.jpg
5.2 Style Study.jpg
5.3 Style Study.jpg
5.4 Style Study.jpg
Fourth Step

Fourth Step

Design color palettes for data.

6.1 Data Color Palettes study.jpg
6.2 Data Color Palettes study.jpg
6.4 Data Color Palettes study.jpg
6.5 Data Color Palettes study.jpg
6.6 Data Color Palettes study.jpg
10.6_Chart Color Study 2_small.png
 Final Guideline

Final Guideline

10.7_Chart Color Direction_small.png
10.10_Chart Guide_small.png